Relaxing while learning – Cake Yoga

Sorry but no Royal Icing adventures this week having way too relaxing a time with Cake Yoga . Lots of quotes and the dreaded tax return and just returned from 2 days of classes in Leek Staffordshire at Sensational Sugar Art hosted by the wonderful Sarah Lou Smith and the very best part was that I was a student instead of teaching.

Always good to brush up my skills and treat myself to some Cake Yoga.  Love learning and spending time with a group of like-minded ladies was a great way to revive my love of sugar, my modelling and air brushing skills


Both days were taught by Kim Wiltjer a true artist in every sense of the word. Very generous with her knowledge, skills and humour! On day 1 we created a small bust of a 1940’s lady in white modelling chocolate. She has a wonderfully nostalgic face – or at least Kim’s did!

Me working on my piece – love modelling chocolate

On day 2 we got really got to grips with our airbrushes and reproduced a plaque of a ladies face in a lush fur hat. I had not ever done any painting with an airbrush and it was quite a revelation to watch my piece come to life stage by stage. My plaque is not quite finished but learnt so many techniques – can’t wait to start experimenting and implementing what I have learnt

My airbrush picture in progress
Kims example picture

Yes okay so I may have a ways to go with this technique!!

More Royal Icing next week I promise x