Sugar Statues

Sugar Statues created for Soda Stream with Mischeif PR

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SodaStream highlights the need to cut back on our sugar intake
To mark National Sugar Awareness Week (30th Nov – 6th Dec), sparkling water maker SodaStream, has commissioned food artist, Jacqui Kelly, to carve giant statues to illustrate the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks consumed every minute in the UK.

The symbolic statues, of a young girl, a teenage boy and a male adult, went on display 1st December on the Albert Embankment, overlooking the Houses of Parliament ahead of the Parliamentary Reception being hosted by Action on Sugar.

The stunt coincided with the latest report from the Commons’ Health Committee which said there was now “compelling evidence” a tax on sugary drinks would reduce consumption.

The giant statues, standing at up to 7ft tall, were made using the total amount of sugar from fizzy drinks consumed per minute by each of the different age groups:

  • Children – 44.5kg
  • Teenagers – 158kg
  • Adults – 385kg

Evidence shows that we are all consuming too much sugar and it’s leading to an obesity epidemic. Almost two-thirds of adults in the UK are classed as overweight and almost one third of children with sugary, fizzy drinks named as a huge contributor to their sugar intake. By swapping fizzy drinks with SodaStream sparkling water, Brits would cut out an incredible 2,190 teaspoons of sugar in our diets a year.

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