National Pie Week @ The London Dungeons

Stars In Their Pies! Celebrities get a meaty makeover for British Pie Week Feb 2014

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Ant and Dec, and Victoria Beckham have been given a tongue-in-cheek makeover by a London tourist attraction to celebrate British Pie Week.
The London Dungeon’s resident meat pie maker, Mrs Margery Lovett (of Sweeny Todd fame), has crafted succulent new recipes with an intriguing celebrity twist in honour of the nation’s favourite food.
The Stars In Their Pies range includes The Ant & Dec Bush Tucker Pasty, the Miley Cyrus Tongue Pie, the Posh Pie, and the TOWIE tanned lattice pie.

The Posh Pie – themed for Victoria Beckham – is made with ‘the thinnest of pastry layers and leanest of meats laced with the poshest of spices’, and comes complete with a high-heeled shoe and sunglasses. While the Miley Cyrus pie features a rolled-over tongue sticking out the top.

The Only Way Is Essex’s Tanned Lattice Pie is made with ‘artificial ingredients’ and features a bottle of Essex Formula fake tan. And the Lee Ryan Sausage Roll (with game birds) boasts a fiery flavour combination; not for those with subtle tastes.

Tongue in cheek? the Miley Cyrus pie

The Towie: This pie comes with a warning that it contains artificial ingredients

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Tongue in cheek? As well as Miley Cyrus pie, the Dungeon have come up with Posh and TOWIE pie...


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