Jacqui Kelly     : Food Artist : Custom Cake : Sugar Sculpture : PR Projects : International Tutor :
Jacqui is a multi award winning cake artist and pastry chef, her work wither larger than life or in miniature is renowned for its incredible attention to detail and hyper-realism

Having been told not to play with her food: Jacqui now makes it her lives work to confuse and delight all the senses, using food as an art medium her artist flair and high impact works of art are designed to get people talking

Because that’s what she does – make you anything you want, especially if you want to eat it!

It’s a little Willy Wonkaish but it’s also art, art you can choose to eat or cherish.
The categories below have examples of some of her work to give you a little inspiration.

CAKE & BAKE 2015