New Years Challenge 2017

And so begins my New Years Challenge for 2017,  now I love a good New Years resolution along with the rest of you but as for sticking to them for very long…..well not so good.  But then has my heart really been moved by them? …. Loose weight!  Exercise more  Stop drinking Diet Coke etc.  Perhaps not so choosing a challenge instead of a resolution tweaked my competitive spirit.

Everything starts with the decision to try

Here goes: – During 2017 I will challenge myself to learn, how to use and create with Royal Icing following the step by steps in the RI Bible by the wonderful Eddie Spence. I will practice and will attend classes when able and ASK for help.

The Art of Royal Icing by Eddie Spence MBE

Doesn’t seem to huge but then….. a whole year!   I am a modeller at heart,  just look at the other pictures on my website Totally Sugar I understand that medium and adore working with paste,  I see objects in 3-D,  I can’t royal ice, am terrible at following instructions – always just skip to the end and figure it out from the picture??  I am totally useless at practicing (my trumpet teacher will vouch for that)  and I almost never ask for help  (it’s a sign of weakness isn’t it??!! ….well bah humbug to that – I tried it a few time last year and was bowled over by the response thankyou, thankyou)  New Year Challenge 2017……oh help

So week by week, hopefully on a Sunday I will post a blog or vlog (never mind RI how the heck do I vlog!) on how I am getting on and please do let me know all your hints and tips, all advice gratefully received and also feel free to critic my work as its one of the ways I will hopefully improve.

I have worked out a rough timetable with areas to be covered, now I don’t for a minute think that I will have all these skills down pat in 12 months but I don’t even know what some of them are? Scratch scrolls?  oriental string work brings me out in hives just thinking about it and run-outs over a curve?? – how can that even be a thing by its very nature!

I have put in a few weeks where I will be just practising and left some gaps where my life gets in the way – when I will be travelling overseas to teach or attending shows but will try to continue with my Sunday blogs but you will get some ‘’where-ever I am in the world’’ gossip mixed in

Timetable that will without a doubt change OFTEN!!

My first question is piping bags – nylon bags with a coupler, parchment, plastic, baking paper, acetate or silicon??   I have hot hands does that make a difference to my choice? See I haven’t even made up the icing yet and I’m already stuck!  HELP…….

So if all goes to plan (and what could possibly go wrong?) you should hear from me next Sunday – now make like a pretzel and cross everything while wishing me luck – Happy New Year to you all x  Love from the Scottish Cake Ninja