T-Rex Autopsy Remains: Jurassic Week for Fox TV

Another day another incredible press pack delivered for one of our clients – in this case Totally Sugar did the honours for the National Geographic Channel.

Probably my favourite job to date... creating life sized edible Tyrannosaurus Rex body parts for National Geographic Channel as part of Jurassic Week on FOX TV.

To promote their T.Rex Autopsy series we were asked to create a slightly disturbing press pack which would generate reaction – voila T.Rex parts left over from an autopsy.

Research was an opener, and I used my pastry and confectionary skills on this project.

The giant eyeballs were red velvet cake wrapped in white modelling chocolate and textured and airbrushed to effect, then glazed with a layer of boiled sugar to give it the stare.......

The feet are made from caramel cake dipped in dark chocolate with a coating of popping candy - just to add a little excitement when eating!

All the body parts were packed into branded medical transport does with Foxes Glacier Mints - which makes the best ice cubes!

These packs followed on from the excavation packs we created last month for the same series. Brilliantly gross aren’t they?..

t side box
t front box jpg